How to choose the tool

We produce many tools that are necessary and convenient when you start Bonsai. There are tools from beginners to professionals.

It is important to always use the correct tools when caring for Bonsai.

Bonsai scissors

These Bonsai scissors are easy to use for beginners.

Bonsai tweezers

Like Bonsai scissors, these tweezers are very durable and last a long time. These tweezers are useful for fine details like pickng leaves, and removing insects. The spatula is useful for arranging soil.

Watering nozzle

This watering nozzle sprinkles soft misty water over Bonsai trees.

Branch cutter

These branch cutters are used to cut thick branches and trunks. They can also be used to cut thick roots.

These tools are used to create the desired design of Bonsai.


This wire is convenient to fix the nets of Bonsai pots and branches.

Wire cutter

This wire cutter is convenient to use to cut wire. Bonsai scissors shouldn't be used to cut, Wire cutter is used. We recommend Wire cutter beginners use the smallest size of Wire cutter.

Bonsai plier

You can use these pliers to bend and extend wire. It is easier and faster than doing it by hand. We recommend Bonsai pliers and beginners should use the smallest size of Bonsai pliers.

Bonsai vise

The Bonsai vise is used to bend the trunk and branches when wire cannot be used.

These tools are necessary when you replant the Bonsai tree from an old pot to a new pot.

Net of Bonsai pot

This net is placed at the bottom in the Bonsai pot. It protects from spilling soil and insects.

Bonsai rake and spatula・Root pick

The rake is used to remove soil from Bonsai tree roots during replanting. The spatula is used to move the soil.


You can use this scoop to put soil in to Bonsai pots.


This stainless steel sieve set can be used to prepare the soil according to grain size and remove dust before adding to the Bonsai pot.

Bonsai brush

The stainless steel Bonsai brush can be used to clean the trunk of the Bonsai tree after replanting in the Bonsai pot. It is also convenient to smooth the trunk and branches after 'Jin' and 'Shari'. This Bonsai brush is used to smooth the soil and clean the Bonsai pot.

Useful tools for Bonsai trees.

Long handled bonsai scissors・Twig scissors・Satsuki scissors

These scissors are for the fine details of Bonsai trees. Trimming small leaves and sprouts are also easy to do with these scissors.

Knob cutter

This Knob cutter is suitable to use to cut off branches from the trunk of Bonsai trees.

Bonsai chisel

The Bonsai chisel is used to do 'Jin' and 'Shari' on the Bonsai tree.

Bonsai turntable

When you are caring for the Bonsai tree, you can turn it on the Bonsai turntable to make it more convenient.. With this turntable it is easy to view the Bonsai tree from various angles.